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At SANDS there are people who understand what it’s like to have suffered the loss of a baby. Many of us have been through this experience ourselves, and through this website, we hope to keep you connected with other members of the Aberdeen SANDS group and give you support and information.


See below for the different types of support Aberdeen Sands can provide

Telephone Support

The helpline offers confidential one-to one telephone support by an experienced Befriender and is available for parents, families and healthcare professionals.  Befrienders are people whose baby has also died, so they know what you are going through.  Aberdeen SANDS Befrienders have been trained to offer support via befriending, however they are not trained counselors.  They can listen, offer support and provide you with information if you need it.  Due to the voluntary nature of this service you may find you get an answer phone.  Please leave a message and the volunteer will return your call as soon as possible.


Our monthly support meetings are friendly and relaxed and are an opportunity for bereaved parents and family members to meet with others who have been through a similar experience.
We usually meet on the first Thursday of every month at Clan House, 120 Westburn Road, Aberdeen AB25 2QA .  The next support meeting dates can be found here.
We welcome those who are newly bereaved as well as those who have suffered a loss after some years have passed.  Many of our attendees are regulars whilst others come along when it feels appropriate to them.  Attending your first meeting can be difficult and takes courage but parents will find a network of support, understanding, encouragement and friendship.  There is no pressure to talk and many people find it beneficial to just sit and listen to others.

If you would like further details, or are considering attending for the first time, please get in touch, either through email or by contacting the helpline.

Next Pregnancy Meetings

Being pregnant again after a loss can bring confusing and conflicting emotions of grief mixed with joy during the journey through a subsequent  pregnancy.

To offer additional support to bereaved parents before, during and after their next pregnancy following a loss we run a monthly Next Pregnancy Group.

These meetings are held monthly at Clan House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen AB25 2QA.  If you would like further details, or are considering attending for the first time, please get in touch, either through email or by contacting the helpline.

Please be aware that babies are welcome to come along to these meetings.

Home Visits

Attending a meeting is not for everyone so our befrienders can come and visit you in your own home or meet in a mutual venue.

Email/Text Support

We know it is not always easy to talk and that some people prefer to contact us by email or by texting.

On Line Forum

Each parent’s experience of a baby’s death is unique but we all share common thoughts and emotions. National SANDS has an online forum which allows you to connect to others and write about your feelings and experiences.


You can join the forum by clicking the button below.


We have a large number of books available all of which you are more than welcome to borrow and read at your leisure. You do not need to attend a meeting to borrow books. We have books for parents, grandparents, children, fathers and books relating to a future pregnancy after a loss. If you wish to borrow a book please contact the helpline or email us.

Many people find it comforting to read about others who have experienced a loss and Aberdeen SANDS has a booklet entitled ‘Precious Memories’’ which was written by families in Aberdeen.

SANDS also produce many support leaflets, which are normally provided to bereaved parents during their stay in hospital.  A full list of leaflets is available here.

Please get in contact with us if you wish any leaflets.