Remembering Your Baby


Memory Boxes


There are many ways you can remember your baby and the Sands booklet Saying Goodbye to Your Baby suggests a range of things you can do.


Memory boxes and memory pockets are provided by Aberdeen Sands to Aberdeen Maternity Hospital so that parents have a place to keep their mementos. Depending on their baby’s gestation or age, parents may want to collect, for example, photographs, imprints of their baby’s hand and foot, a lock of hair, scan pictures, a name band, clothes or a shawl, certificates and other mementos.


If you did not receive a memory box or pocket please get in contact with us.

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Memorial Tree


There is a copper memorial tree in the chapel at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. Families can request an engraved heart shaped leaf to hang on the tree. There is no charge for this. They will remain on the tree until the family request they wish it to be removed.

If you would like your baby to be remembered on this tree, please complete the Memory Tree application form and return to the address at the bottom of the form.

Anniversary Cards


Aberdeen SANDS can send a remembrance cards to you on the anniversary of your babies death. If you wish to receive a card please get in contact with us stating your babies name, date of birth and a contact address.

Memorial Book


There are memorial books for babies who have died at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital. These books are kept in the Chapel and can be viewed at any time.


The book is arranged with a page for each family with space for the babies name, date of birth and a space for a few personal words.


If you would like your baby to be remembered in this book please complete the Memory Book Application Form and return to the address at the bottom of the form.


A calligrapher will write out the page and once it is completed a page will be inserted in the memorial book and you will be sent a copy. It may be some weeks before you receive your copy.

Memorial Services

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Memorial Garden

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